Maven Gaming Zone grandly opened at 3rd floor above Vijetha Super Market, Narsingi.

The word MAVEN quite literally translates to “one who understands”. But to be a true MAVEN, you have to more than just understand a topic, you have to know it’s in and outs. True mavens are the people that are known to be experts in their respective fields, often with the kind of expertise that comes with an accumulation of knowledge over the years.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of first MAVEN FUN outlet, Founder & Chairman Tulla Vijayender Goud said, "True to our name, MAVEN FUN is a foundation and a passion project of renowned family entertainment industry experts, with a robust experience of over 18 years in the field. Previously SVM Group, a brand synonymous with being a pioneer right from its inception in 2007, we are back with the same unparalleled passion and enthusiasm, now paired with extensive research and all-new experiences that will change the landscape of the entertainment business in Hyderabad, and India.

Right from world-class equipment, technology like never before and mind-blowing innovations, stepping into MAVEN FUN promises an experience like none other. The spaces have been designed with utmost thought, with an attractive neon theme that would appeal most to our tiny adventurers. No detail has been spared in making MAVEN FUN a whole world on its own, one that transports you into the ultimate level of happiness and excitement the second you enter our spaces.

A 3-level play pen, the highlight of MAVEN, promises to be toddlers’ paradise, and an even better option for parents looking to drop their children off with our expert caretakers for a day of fun and frolic. A curated party space is also available to plan birthdays and events, with an array of options to choose from in creating memories on special days.

Another sensational experience that awaits you is the AI Cricket Stimulator, one of its kind in the country. This particular experience gives you the chance to enjoy the likes of bowling from the likes Ishanth Sharma, Deepak Chahar, Ravichandran Ashwin, Shakib Al Hasan with bowling features such as in-swing, out-swing, leg spin, off spin and so on. This is bound to be a favorite with all age groups!

Kids can enjoy the exclusive panda bowling experience, and the unique sliding piano, where they can play a piano while sliding, something that’s never been done before. These are just glimpses of the very many enticing options at MAVEN FUN ready to life spirits of every person that comes in.

The mission of MAVEN is very simple. We believe that every kid that walks into our world, walks out with their smiles wider, their hearts fuller and memories to cherish. And for every adult that walks in too, we want them to walk out remembering that they also have a child within them always, and it’s important to keep that part alive and excited! That is our motto, and that is why we strive hard to make sure of it, whether it’s in terms of accessibly or affordability, we want every person to have a little piece of MAVEN, and make sure there is something for everyone here.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first location in Narsingi, Gandipet Main Road, above Vijetha Supermarket. To make it more special, our first outlet was inaugurated by our main stars, the kids of MAVEN. The company plans to launch a centre within every 2 months and open up at least 10 outlets across the country within a year.

More MAVEN FUN is in the pipeline and we will soon be seeing you in these locations. Satyam AAA Multiplex Ameerpet, Mokila, Aparna 70 Degree North and Preston Mall, Karman Ghat. There is an exciting map laid out for us, and we cannot wait to live upto our name and use our expertise and passion to bring the best of the entertainment world to you, leaving no stone unturned in creating a world-class experience for all arcade, adventure and gaming lovers. Get ready for the all-new, unbeatable #MAVENFUN".

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