Manish Malhotra's intriguing design with Swarovski crystals and floral motifs

No introduction is required about Manish Malhotra. Manish Malhotra has worked in many industries including Bollywood, Hollywood, and Tollywood. Manish has worked as a stylist for many heroes and heroines. Entering the industry as a fashion designer, he rose to fame in a very short time. Manish Malhotra was able to create a brand name during his tenure. Manish Malhotra made his film debut in 1990. Even after 30 years, his journey is going smoothly. This year Salman Khan is working on Radhe starring as the hero. In his long career, he has won many prestigious awards, including Filmfare and IFA. He is currently posting his customized branding clothes on social media from time to time. A team is working on this. The latest dress posted on Manish Malhotra's world account has gone viral. He said, "Rekindle your love by using the wonderful moments with our Pearl Oyster Tulle Calidor embroidered in bold geometric latticework with floral motifs and Swarovski crystals."

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