Mango Mass Media’s #BRO On Sony Liv Winning Appreciation!!

Naveen Chandra has been picking Nobel subjects of late. His latest outing, #BRO is available for streaming on Sony Liv now. He delivers a spotless performance in the film as he plays a caring brother who goes through various hardships to help save the life of his medically sick sister, Subbu, played by Avika Gor.

Naveen comes up with a natural performance in the film and he is ably supported by Avika Gor. The film is directed by New York Film Institute alumnus Karthik Thuparani. The film caters to all sections of the audiences and it is striking a chord with the Telugu OTT audience.

Azim Mohammed’s cinematography is of top notch quality as the film is aesthetically appealing. Editing and background score are very impressive as well.

BRO is produced by Mango Mass Media, which has been encouraging young and promising talent. After Battala Ramaswamy and Family Drama, their latest film BRO is striking a chord with the Telugu audience.

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