Manchu Vishnu and Prakash Raj to contest for MAA Election !!

How can cricket be called a 'gentleman' game? The Movie Artists Association (MAA) of the film industry is also called the Gentleman 'Association'. This is a community formed by all the actors. However, elections should not be held among us. It is the tradition of society that elections should be held unanimously. But looking at the last two instances that tradition seems to have been put aside.

Tollywood sources say that there is no doubt that this will happen soon. When Dasari Narayana Rao was big in the industry and his word was valid, the elections in 'MAA' went on unanimously.  As the election draws near, all the elders of the film industry discuss and elect a president. But now the situation is not the same. 'MAA' is divided into two categories. One from each category is entering the field. Criticisms are being stabbed during the election.

Sometimes they get out of control and harass the media. Eventually, elections are held and even if the presidency falls to one faction, another factional struggle will not stop. Criticisms, arguments, comments continue.  With this, 'MAA' became the fire of the communities. Recently, however, people like Chiranjeevi, Mohanbabu and Krishnam Raju came together and openly said on a platform that we are all same.

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