Manchu Lakshmi's New Year Philosophy

Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna, daughter of Collection King Manchu Mohan Babu, is doing good films along with shows. Manchu Lakshmi has earned a good reputation from the audience with her impressive performances just like her father from the very beginning. Manchu Lakshmi has recently become more active on various social media platforms. Manchu Lakshmi, who started a YouTube channel a few days ago, is getting closer to the audience through it. She has the habit of sharing things related to movies and personal life through her social media accounts. She shared her photos of spending good quality time with her Manchu family yesterday and these photos are currently going viral on various social media platforms. Manchu Lakshmi's ‘Chitti Chilakamma’ episodes with her daughter have impressed everyone. Recently, Manchu Lakshmi posted a stunning photo of herself in a white gown on Instagram. She posted saying “Work for yourself in the New Year. Spend some time alone. Don't waste your energy on other things or people that don’t fulfil you in your growth. ”

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