Manchu Lakshmi Sparkled in Anita Dongre Designs

Lakshmi Manchu has a good choice not only in stories and movies, but she also makes the best choices in terms of fashion. She is very careful when it comes to choosing her outfits. Her Instagram pictures are a proof of it. Her dresses are very stylish.Now, Manchu Lakshmi has posted a picture wearing a saree and added a caption saying that "Everyone says pink looks great on girls. Yes, it's true ... Special thanks to Anita Dongre for designing this saree". We have to say, she looked very beautiful in the saree and the matching jewelry, also designed by Anita Dongre Company. She said in the post that this dress was a special attraction in the wedding she attended recently.Manchu Lakshmi has recently opened her new office. She moved into this new office with her daughter. Manchu Lakshmi shared these photos through her social media account.

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