Manchu Lakshmi did this for daughter

Leading actress  Manchu Lakshmi never leaves an occasion, to shower love on her daughter. Most of her social media pictures  are  with her daughter. Now, as schools are closed due to the covid 19 pandemic, the  children are stuck up in  their homes ,with laptops and online classes.But Manchu Lakshmi posted a photo with Nirvana, through her social media account, mentioning that she did not waste time at all.Lakshmi revealed that, she set up a school-like environment at home ,for her daughter so she wouldn’t miss out on school. Manchu Lakshmi added that it's her responsibility as a mother to give her daughter the best  of everything . Due to Covid, a lot of things in Nivi's life changed and she didn't want these changes to affect her studies and play. So, she recreated school environment for her which made her go and study on her own.

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