Madhura Audio bags Garjana audio rights

The south Indian actress Lakshmi Rai got good recognition in films across different languages. As a special actress in glamor roles, she has established herself as an actress who has no competition. After taking some gap, Lakshmi Rai focused on movies again especially on Tamil and Malayalam films. On this occasion, she expressed her views without any hesitation on glamorous characters saying ‘I do not like to appear in the same template characters. And sometimes, we have to look bold in some characters’. Recently, BA Raju shared on Twitter that “Madhura Audio has recently acquired the audio rights of the movie ‘Garuda’ starring Lakshmi Rai”. The film stars Tamil actor Srikanth opposite Lakshmi Rai, and starring Dev Gill, Naira, and Vaishnavi in the lead roles. The film is directed by J Pratibhan, Music is provided by Arul Dev. R, Sudarshan worked as the editor and Milan served as Art Director. Suresh Kondetti is the PRO and B Vinod Jain is the producer of this film.

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