'Lucky Lakshman’ starts streaming on Amazon Prime, Aha Video simultaneously The Maha Shivaratri OTT release is a solid subject with family emotions!!

Talented actor and Bigg Boss Telugu fame Sohel is now entertaining the OTT viewers with his latest post-theatrical digital release of ‘Lucky Lakshman’. The youthful and family entertainer is streaming on Amazon Prime and Aha Video simultaneously.

Directed by AR Abhi and produced by Haritha Gogineni, the film makes for a perfect family watch. Sohel plays Lakshman, who is perennially disappointed with his middle-class father (Devi Prasad) for not fulfilling his wishes. In his college days, he falls in love with a rich man's daughter. The story takes unexpected turns, mirroring life in all its colours and unpredictable realities. What happens when changing fortunes bring in their wake an unwelcome change in mindsets and expose people for what they are? What does sacrifice look like? Is life only about chasing material pleasures? What is unconditional love?

The film answers the aforementioned questions while keeping the audience hooked to the screens through comedy. The marriage bureau humour, the clean jokes and the rom-com track make for good entertainment.

The father-son sentiment is the cornerstone of the movie.


Sohel, Mokksha, Devi Prasad, Raja Ravindra, Sameer, Kadambari Kiran, Shani Salmon, Sridevi Kumar, Ameen, Anurag, Master Roshan, Master Ayaan, Master Sameer, Master Karthikeya, Raccha Ravi, Jabardasth Karthik, Jabardasth Geethu Royal, Yadam Raju of 'Royal Comedy Stars' fame.


Producer: Haritha Gogineni
Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction: AR Abhi
Music Director: Anup Rubens
DOP: I Andrew
Editor: Prawin Pudi
Lyricist: Bhaskarabatla
Choreographer: Vishal
Executive Producer: Vijayanand Ketha
PRO: Naidu–Phani
Publicity Designer: Dhani Aelay
Marketing Partner: Akhilesh (Ticket Factory)
Casting Director: Over7 Productions

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