'Lucky Lakshman', releasing on December 30, is a family entertainer: Hero Sohel at Teaser launch event!!

'Lucky Lakshman' stars Bigg Boss fame Syed Sohel and Mokksha in the lead. Haritha Gogineni is producing it on Dattatreya Media Guaranteed Limited. AR Abhi is directing it. The film will be released in theatres on December 30. The film's teaser was today released in Hyderabad at Prasad Labs. The core team of the film participated in the event. Tips Music is the label on which the audio is out.

Speaking on the occasion, Malkapuram Shivakumar said that Sohel is popular. He added that everyone must encourage 'Lucky Lakshman'. He is confident that Sohel will go a long way as an actor. "Content films and entertainers like this one have to be encouraged. I wish the director and the producer all the best," he added.

Devi Prasad said, "I am a technician first and an actor next. Producer Haritha garu is very happy with the output. Abhi is a cool director with lots of clarity. He has come up with a nice story, emotions, and entertainment. I am privy to the story of his next movie and it's so nice. I wish the producer earns great profits from 'Lucky Lakshman'. Sohel is someone my family members know well because of Bigg Boss Telugu. They are happy that I have a prominent role in his movie. My first scene with him was an emotional one. I am confident that he is going to become a big actor in the future."

Bigg Boss fame Mehaboob said, "The teaser is so nice. I hope that Sohel scores a big hit. He is a hard worker. I am waiting for the release of this movie."

Producer Haritha Gogineni said, "A film is like a small baby. We have done for it everything that we have to. It's now up to the audience. This is the first movie for the director as well. More than collections, we are yearning for appreciation. Please watch our movie only in theatres."

Hero Sohel said, "The response for the teaser is leaving me speechless. My fans are my strength. It's fans who keep us in their hearts. Today, I am surprised that fans have come from different places. Fans and friends are always with us regardless of our success and failure. This is my first theatrical release after my Bigg Boss stint. I have worked hard for the past 12 years. Bekkam Venugopal garu's support is there with me. Our producer Haritha garu is a gutsy woman. 'Lucky Lakshman' is a family entertainer. I thank music director Anup and editor Prawin Pudi. Our movie is coming out on December 30."

Bekkam Venugopal said, "Haritha garu is ready with a theatrical release even though she started the project later than our projects. I wish the entire team all the best. Sohel has entered the film industry with great hopes. He has completed four films already. He has come to this stage by doing so many small parts. I am aware of his pain. I am confident of his success as a hero."

Director AR Abhi said, "We argued and had so many discussions to bring out the best during the making of the film. The teaser is a hit. The trailer release and two songs will be released soon. You will come out after watching the movie with a smile. I thank the producer. Sohel is a superb actor. He is a next-level actor. The film is so good even without BGM.  With RR, it is going to be even greater."


Sohel, Mokksha, Devi Prasad, Raja Ravindra, Sameer, Kadambari Kiran, Shani Salmon, Sridevi Kumar, Ameen, Anurag, Master Roshan, Master Ayaan, Master Sameer, Master Karthikeya, Raccha Ravi, Jabardasth Karthik, Jabardasth Geethu Royal, Yadam Raju of 'Royal Comedy Stars' fame.


Producer: Haritha Gogineni, Story - Screenplay - Dialogues - Direction: AR Abhi, Music Director: Anup Rubens, DOP: I Andrew, Editor: Prawin Pudi, Lyricist: Bhaskarabatla, Choreographer: Vishal
Executive Producer: Vijayanand Ketha, PRO: Naidu–Phani, Publicity Designer: Dhani Aelay, Marketing Partner: Akhilesh (Ticket Factory), Casting Director: Over7 Productions

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