Lawrence plans for a new look !!

Many heroes in recent times have been focusing on Pan-India projects.  Pan-India movies are on the sets in almost all languages ​​in the South except Malayalam.  Lawrence, who made his directorial debut in Bollywood with the remake of 'Kanchana' last year, is all set to star in Pan-India.  Lawrence announced the movie 'Adhigaram'.  A motion poster has been released revealing the title.

Vetrimaran, the director who directed the movie 'Asuran' with Dhanush as the hero, is going to provide the story and screenplay for the movie.  Expectations are already rising that Vetrimaran, who received the National Award, will be part of these projects.  The movie motion poster is also very terrific.  Wearing an apron and holding a knife in his hand, he released the look of walking with bloodstains.  The Lawrence look is also new.

Lawrence is confident that the film will bring him a new image.  The film, directed by Durai Senthil Kumar, will start regular shooting soon.

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