Lavanya Tripathi unveils Motion Poster of 'Korameenu' 'Korameenu' is a drama-thriller telling a 'Good Versus Evil' story!!

Films set in the backdrop of Jalaripeta can be raw and realistic. 'Korameenu' is going to be one such interesting and thrilling film. Starring Anand Ravi, Harish Uthaman and Shatru in key roles, its Motion Poster was today released via Lavanya Tripathi's social media handles.

Director Sripathy Karri said that the story is set in the backdrop of a fishermen's colony named Jalaripeta. The film is a roller-coaster ride build on an ego tussle. A fun-loving driver, an arrogant rich man who is his master, and a powerful cop in Vizag are the three most important characters in the story.

The motion poster asks 'Someone shaved off Meesala Raj's moustache! Why?' The BGM in the poster, the setting, and the way the poster shows a young man with a determined look - they all point toward a terrific visual experience.


Anand Ravi as Koti
Harish Uthaman as Karuna
Shatru as Meesala Raju
Kishore Dhatrak as Meenakshi
Raja Raveendra as Devudu
Giridhar as CI Krishna
Jabardasth Emmanuel as Muthyam
Indu Kusuma as Sujatha
Prasanna Kumar as Veerabhadram
RK Naidu as Karuna's assistant


Director: Sripathy Karri
Producer: Pellakuru Samanya Reddy
Production House: Full Bottle Entertainments
Story, screenplay, dialogues: Anand Ravi
Cinematographer: Kartheek Koppera
Music: Anantha Narayanan AG
Background Score: Sidharth Sadasivuni
Editor: Vijay Vardhan K
Production Designer: Musi Phani Teja
Stylist: Pooja Shekar
Executive Producer: Pavan Kumar Jana Swami
Sound Design: Sai Varma Udunuri
Lyrics: Purnachary, Lakshmi Priyanka
Singers: Master Vasudev AS, Sooraj Santhosh, Parvathy AG, Nithin Raj
PRO: Naidu-Phani (Beyond Media)

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