Latest update on Rajini’s political entry

It is a well known fact that Rajinikanth, the superstar who created a sensation with his films, has announced that he will be entering politics. Rajinikanth surprised everyone by announcing that his political party would start on December 31. We have already told you that Rajini, who was shooting for Annatte in Hyderabad, was admitted to the hospital due to BP issues. However, he was discharged after a day. Rajinikanth, who came out of the hospital, released a press note via his social media saying that he will not be joining politics."After I started a political party, it was impossible for me to stay away from news media and social media. Those with experience in politics would not deny this fact. I have to go to the people for campaigning. I have to meet thousands and millions of people. I had to stay under medical supervision for three days. Now the corona has changed form. The variant is spreading fast. Now that the vaccine has arrived, even if I take immunizations, if anything happens to my health, the people who trusted me and joined me will face many difficulties, both mentally and financially. I can’t sacrifice my friends for political success. I am sorry, because this decision was a disappointment to those in Rajini Makkal Mandram and those who expected me to get into politics, ”Rajinikanth wrote in a press note.

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