Lakshmi shares about lockdown rules

Along with movies, Manchu Lakshmi is also invested in TV shows and she grabs attention very easily. Lakshmi is a good artist and continues to enjoy her successful career in the Telugu industry as a producer. Despite her entry as the daughter of star actor Manchu Mohan Babu, Manchu Lakshmi has made a name for herself. Being an Independent Woman, she is an idol for many women. Manchu Lakshmi is also active on social media. She keeps fans updated with regular updates from time to time. Manchu Lakshmi shares things about herself with her fans. In the recent times, she has been very active sharing her gym yoga photos, family photos as well as her fashion photos on all her social media. It is known that Manchu Lakshmi recently brought to our attention the activities she did during the lockdown with her daughter. With the name Chitti Chilakamma, she is sharing the details of the activities that the two did together. She released the first episode related to it now. Recently, Manchu Lakshmi released a video titled 'Special Episode'. In this video Manchu Lakshmi will talk about lockdown rules.

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