Lakshmi Manchu says Hello December

Manchu Lakshmi, the daughter of popular Tollywood actor Mohan Babu, has been successful as a producer, heroine, villain, and businesswoman. Within a very short period of her entering the industry, Lakshmi established herself as a multi-faceted actress. Coming to her fashion choices, Lakshmi Manchu continues to wear new stylish dresses every time she steps out and her choice of outfits for photoshoots doesn’t need a mention. So now Manchu Lakshmi has shared a picture from her latest photoshoot on her Instagram account. Lakshmi Manchu looks very stylish and hot in the photos. She captioned the post by saying ‘Hello December, we have shared everything and celebrated festivals with our families this year, they are going to start again next year. We have come so far this year with so much trouble, and it would be nice if this one month gets over’. Manchu Lakshmi has recently opened her new office. She moved into this new office with her daughter. Manchu Lakshmi shared these photos through her Instagram.

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