Kothi Kommachi shooting wrapped

Satish Vegeshna, who won a National Award for his film “Shatamana Bhavati”, is coming back with a comedy film after many days. Now he is directing Meghansh Srihari and Sameer youthful Entertainer movie 'Kothi Kommachi'. The unit recently shot climaxes and songs along with some key scenes in Amalapuram.
Some of the key scenes of the film were shot in Vizag with male leads Meghansh and Sameer and female leads Riddi Kumar and Megha Chaudhary. And now the shooting of the movie came to an end. Director Satish Vegeshna posted the shooting photos on his social media and said “With the help of my cast and crew, I completed four songs and the entire talkie as planned. We will start post production works and come to you soon for your blessing”.
The producers are going to start the post production work. Anoop Rubens is providing the music for the film. Promotions for the film are set to begin soon.

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