Kota Srinivasa Rao

Kota Srinivasa Rao is a typical actor who can play any role. Comedy, tragedy, even roles with so much emotion, he is one of the few actors who can act so well. Kota Garu has a special identity in the Telugu film industry as an actor. he has gained fans by playing many different roles as a comedian and as a villain.

Kota Srinivasa Rao was born on July 10, 1945, to a Telugu Brahmin family in Kankipada, Krishna district. His father Kota Sitaramanjanellu was a famous doctor in Kankipada. He had an elder brother Narasimha Rao, a younger brother Shankar Rao and he had two elder sisters and two younger sisters. His primary education was in Kanchipadu. Secondary education took place in Vijayawada. College education took place in Madras. Kota's father wanted him to be a doctor like his eldest son Narasimha Rao. But Narasimha Rao did not pay much attention to education with his interest in plays. But in their hometown, people used to say that your eldest son could not become a doctor, at least make your the second son to be a doctor. So when his father asked Kota Garu about this, as he would not like to hurt his father's feelings so he agreed to perceive medicine, even though he liked to do the plays.

So he went to Madras for MBBS. While studying in college, Kota once came to his hometown. Everyone there admired his play by his elder brother Narasimha Rao. Kota Gari also got interested in acting in plays. So he immediately asked his brother to teach him and Kota learned all the techniques in the acting. His brother also gave Kota Garu roles in some plays. he also learned acting skills. He decided to do a B.com degree since he could not perceive a medical degree with this focus because he was more focused on acting in plays rather than perceiving a medical degree

So he completed his degree and was looking for jobs on the one hand while acting in plays on the other. After some years, Kota got a job in SBI Bank. While he was working, he used to do plays and dramas. After that, Kota came to Hyderabad on a job. One day a play in which Kota was acted called pranam karidhu When Kranti Kumar saw that play, he liked it so much that he decided to make a movie with that story of that play so he got the producers ready to make the film and started shooting it was decided that everyone who acted in the play should be given a chance in the film. That was the first time the Kota got a chance in movies.

Kota Garu, who made his debut in 1978 with megastar Chiranjeevi's first film 'Pranam Kharidu', was given a remuneration of Rs 100 for the film. Then Kota was returned to Hyderabad after giving the money back to the production team. His role in this film is very small. He appears in the upcoming crowd at the climax. After that, Kota continued to work and play for 3 years, ignoring the film opportunities. In 1982, Ravindra Bharathi performed a play on "Meru ahithey em chesataru".

Director T Krishna saw Kota's performance in the play. He wanted to give a role to Kota Garu in the movie prathigatana which was to be shot. But the Kota was not told that. However, Jandhyala, who later saw Kota Garu's play, was given a small role as Shastri in the 1982 film moodu mullu. after that, the debut movie of Megastar Chiranjeevi's first film, Pranam, released in 1978, was followed by Chiranjeevi's Devantakudu. After that, T Krishna started a prathigatana film in which he cast Kota Garu as a politician. His role in the film was also well received.
The prathigatana in 1985 was a blockbuster hit. For which he took leave especially for the shooting of the film His role in the film was also well received. Everyone thought that after watching this movie, the Telugu film industry got another good actor who can do the villain roles.

He got a lot of opportunities as a villain with this movie. However, Jandhyala and Ramanayudu started filming 'Ahana Pellanta' together. Rama Naidu told Jandhyala to cast Rao Gopal Rao in the role of a miser in the film. But Jandhyala said that Kota Garu would be good for the role. . Aaha Naa Pellanta, which came in 1987, brought him a good craze. It can be said that he transcended the role of miser 'Lakshmi Pati'. Directed by Jandhyala, the film was produced by the late star producer D. Ramanayudu. The film is one of the greatest Telugu comedy films of all time. The whole story of ‘Ahana Pellanta’ revolves around the character of Kota Srinivasa Rao. I can say that his craze has increased immensely. The character will be remembered not only in Kota Garu's career but also in the history of Telugu cinema. He never looked back after that film.

However, in the same year, he also had another bitter experience, which was he acted in the movie Mandaladisudu, which was very popular among the Telugu people at that time, and got criticism. He considers it a mistake to act in this film. It has been said that Rs 1 lakh would be given to Kota for this film but he received only Rs 30,000. However, Kota Garu had to face a lot of insults due to this movie. Once sir NTR's fans even beat Kota Garu at Vijayawada railway station. For a year, Kota Garu was not freed from the criticism for doing that movie. However, as the matter cooled down over the years, he started making films in a row. He starred with all the top heroes. It is no exaggeration to say that no actor can do as many roles as he has played as a comedian, a villain, and a typical actor.

then after that, the combination of Kota Srinivasa Rao and babu Mohan began. The two first acted together in the movie 'Bobbili Raja' starring Venkatesh as the hero. Directed by B. Gopal, the film starred Kota Srinivasa Rao and Babu Mohan in the lead roles for the first time. . Since then, they have mostly acted together in films by directors like Satyanarayana and SV Krishnareddy. The two have acted together in over 60 films together. Once at that time, there were no movies where Kota Srinivasa Rao and Babu Mohan were not cast in movie. And there is no impossible role for him to do. In the 1993 film Jambalakadi Pamba, Kota Garu acted like a woman and made everyone laugh with his comedy.

The 1993 film Gaayam, directed by Ram Gopal Varma, brought him a good reputation as a villain. His accent is also new in this movie. Also in another movie like Ram Gopal Varma Govinda Govinda, Money has given a new kind of role to Kota Gari and revealed the actor in him. Many will be shocked by the twist he gives in the climax of the movie starring Kota Garu. He looks like a good uncle from the beginning in this movie but in the end, it turns out it's not the truth and everyone is shocked.

Ganesh is one of his best films where he acted as a villain. He showed what villains are through this film. It is scary to see Kota Gari wearing bald make-up in some scenes in this movie. He was so engrossed in the role. This character is arguable that is the best of the villain characters he has ever played.

Also, Kota Srinivasa Rao is said to be bold in playing the role of father. Kota is a great actor who can play the same role in different ways with his acting as a father who can't see his son suffering in the movie intlo illalu vantintlo priyuralu, a kind of father in the movie Idiot and another kind of father in the movie Badri. In the movie Athadu which came in 2005 as Baji Reddy in the film for a short time but his impact will be a lot. The dialogues in this film are very good.

The movie Bommarillu starring him as his father is a sensation. Bommarillu has become a favorite film of all, youth, family, and children alike. Biggest blockbuster doll in Hero Siddharth's career. Genelia has made the Telugu audience feel like a comedian who enjoys a happy life as much as she likes. Hasini-Siddhu Romantic Love Track, Perfect Blend Bommarillu Movie with Father and Son Emotions. The songs provided by Devisree for the film were well received. A brand name of Bommarillu Father was formed with this film. Also, Kota played a good role as Genelia's father.

Victory Venkatesh was remarked of the family drama films. In many of his family films have been featured. One of them is ‘Adavarimatalaku… Arthaleverule!’. The scenes between Venkatesh and Kota were great. In this movie, you can see his great performance as a father who cannot express his love for his son. Trisha is the heroine of the film, starring opposite Venkatesh's and others like ... Sriram, kevisvanath, Sunil, Jeeva, Colors Swathi, Rajya Lakshmi Prasad Babu. Directed by Selvaraghavan, the film was co-produced by NV Prasad and S Naga Ashok Kumar. All the songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja are chartbusters. Released on April 27, 2007, the film became a super hit.

After that, Kota Garu, who cultivated comedy in Srinu Vaitlas movie Ready, was praised as a villain in films like Bujjigadu, Leader, Ragada and Rakta Charithra. As well as dookudu, comedy in films like Meerapakai combined comedy with antagonism. In Power star Pawan Kalyan's movie he also sang for the first time in the movie Gabbar Singh which came out in 2012. His song Mandu Babulam We Mandu Babulam created a sensation at the time. Kota and Pawan Kalyan dancing together in this song is another highlight. Not to mention how big a hit this movie has become.

Kota Srinivasa Rao also got a good role in the movie July which came out in the same year. His dialogues written by Trivikram in this film got a lot of craze. Kota dialogues have become very famous, saying, "Neekey talanopi testunadu antey vadu Amritanjam ammamogudu ayyuntadau".

Director Trivikram Srinivas will be at the forefront in giving the lead roles to Kota Srinivasa Rao. He gave him  a memorable role as Kota Srinivasa Rao to Siddhappa in the industry hit Attarintiki Daredi movie. Siddhappa Peru got a lot of craze after this movie. The dialogue chudappa Siddhappa, got a tremendous response from the audience. The film is best known for its portrayal of Kota Gary in the second half.

His roles in films like Krishnam Vande Jagatgurum and Pratinidhi have earned him a good reputation. In his recent films, Kota Gari did not get a chance to play a big role. He appeared in a single scene in Maharshi in 2019 and stopped casted in the films. "Having worked 20 hours a day for the past 30 years, I now find it hard to be idle at all". He has said the in front of the media. He says he doesn't even understand why he is being ignored or given opportunities.

He also told in an interview that many have decided in advance that he became old and would no longer walk and that he would be put aside. As he said then it is to be said that the situation is so bad now that he cannot move. That is why it is said that no one gives him roles in movies. However, there is no doubt that Kota Garu, who has made over 700 films, is one of the greatest actors in our Telugu film industry.

Kota Srinivasa Rao has spoken out many times about the injustice being done to Telugu actors. He once reiterated at MAA meeting that many people say he is a staunch opponent of other language actors, which is wrong. Kota asked MAA to make Telugu actors get opportunities in movies. Kota was on fire saying that if Telugu artists could find work for at least 10 to 15 days in a month, they would not be able to get pensions. He also fought hard for Telugu actors.

Kota has acted in 10 films not only in Telugu but also in Hindi with Amitabh in films like Sarkar. He has acted in 34 films in Tamil and one film in Malayalam.

Personal life

In 1968, Kota Srinivasa Rao married Rukmini Garu. They have two daughters and a son. His name is Kota Anjaneya Prasad. Died in a road accident on June 21, 2010.

Anjaneya Prasad played the villain in Gaayaam.  The movie starring Jagapathi Babu as the hero was not well received by the audience. However, the performance of Kota Srinivasa Rao's son Anjaneya Prasad was praised. Everyone at the time was celebrating that the Telugu industry had found another good villain. But here's the real thing hidden. During the shooting of the film, in the role in which Anjaneya kills Prasad and lays him down on the grave. Over that kotaSrinivasa, Rao had to put a fire in the head of his son. Kota became very emotional while doing that scene.

Kota said that he had told the same thing to Jagapathibabu. No matter who he is, he is my real son. I can not see him sleeping dead like that... I can not do this scene, said Kota Srinivasa Rao to Jagapathibabu. Then jagapathibabu who understood his emotion said let’s do this one scene with dupe. But a week after the scene was filmed, Anjaneyaprasad actually died in a road accident. Kota Srinivasa Rao was devastated when his son, who had grown up before his eyes, died. The Kota wishes no one to be in such a bad situation.

Kota Srinivasa Rao was elected an MLA from the BJP in 1999. Kota loved his hometown very much. Kota wanted to make his son a beneficiary and go back to his hometown and settle down, But that did not happen. It is learned that Kota is currently staying in Hyderabad only for his grandson.


Kota Srinivasa Rao's prathigatana, Gaayaam, thirupu, Little Soldiers, Ganesh, Chinna, Prithvi Narayana, and Ah nalluguru won 9 Nandi Awards for Best Villain and Best Supporting Actor for their performances in the newlyweds' films.

Kota Garu, who has been a successful actor in the Telugu film industry for 37 years, was honored with the Padma Shri Award by the Government of India as part of the Padma Awards. He also received the Allu Ramalingaiah Award.

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