Kollywood actor Puneeth Raj kumar entering into Tollywood as Yuvaratna

Hombale Films, which has produced super hit film like KGF, is all set to make another movie with none other than power star Puneeth Raj Kumar.  Directed by Santosh Anand Ram, the film has Sayesha Saigal as the heroine. The film unit has announced that the film will be released in Telugu. Hero Puneeth has released the poster via Twitter. Puneeth has been very hopeful of the film as it is the first film to be released in Telugu. Today, a promo of the movie is going to be released on YouTube. The promo of the song Power of Youth will release on The YouTube Channel of Hombale films. Puneeth Rajkumar has a lot of craze in Kannada, especially for his dance.

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