Karthikeya Has High Hopes On His Next Film !!

Young hero Karthikeya made a perfect debut with 'RX100'. His rugged look and decent acting in the film earned him a lot of following. But he is not able to capitalize on its success. Most of the films he did after 'RX100', and failed to impress the audience. He hoped that he will surely get a hit in the form of 'Chaavu Kaburu Challaga' but it did not happen.

The film failed at the box office despite being from Geetha Atrs banner. Karthikeya's scored brownie points for his acting and he guaranteed the audience on the social media that his next film will not disappoint them. Currently, he is working with a new director and this film is produced by Rama Reddy.

It is a full-length action entertainer and fifty percent of the shooting is done. With the lock-down being lifted, the makers are planning to resume the production. To generate some buzz on the film, they are unveiling the title and first look poster on sunday. Tanya Ravichandran is the heroine in this film and producers are very confident on this film. Let us wait and see if this film becomes successful or not.

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