It’s a rare moment - BVS Ravi

Naga Chaitanya is once again starring in the classic filmmaker who made films like 'Manam' director Vikram Kumar. The movie titled Thank You is currently in the shooting stage. The movie is being produced by Dil Raju under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creations. Leading telugu story writer BVS Ravi is also working for the movie Thank You. BVS Ravi posted a photo of him and director Vikram K Kumar talking about a scene in the film through his social media. He captioned the photo saying that it is very rare for a writer and a director to sit side by side at a table and talk. Leading cinematographer P.C Shriram is working on the film. Everyone knows how much cinematography has been a plus in the Ishq movie which is a combination of Vikram K Kumar and P.C Shriram. The heroine of this movie is yet to be confirmed. The movie which is coming as a romantic action entertainer will be released next summer

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