IIT Krishnamurti released on Amazon Prime

Recently, many small films have been released on OTT and have earned good name. Movies like Color Photo and Uma Maheshwara Ugarupasya were released on OTT and became super hits. Now, a new film titled ‘IIT Krishnamurti’ is set to entertain us on Amazon Prime.Young actors Prithvi Dandamudi and Myra Doshi are the main characters of the film 'IIT Krishnamurti'. The film is a corporate crime thriller directed by Sri Vardhan. The teaser of the film has already been released and the audience has been very impressed. Amazon Prime will stream 'IIT Krishnamurti' from today. Producer Prasad Nekuri said that the film was a youthful family entertainer and was made in a way that everyone could sit in the house and watch it with family. Naresh Kumaran has composed music for the film Akki Saha is the co-producer. The movie Middle Class Melodies already released on Amazon Prime has earned rave reviews. Let’s hope Tollywood has another hit with IIT Krishnamurti.

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