If I look at you, you look at me: Genelia

Famous heroine Genelia received craze by starring in many super hit movies while she was a heroine. This beauty has achieved super hits and received top form without any difference between Tollywood and Bollywood. However, at a time when her career was in a good flow, Genelia married Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh and said goodbye to movies. However, Genelia, a mother of two, is already the Glamor Queen. The beauty in her did not diminish even a little. Genelia, who oversees their company's production affairs, updates her glamour pics on social media. The photo that Genelia is currently posted is getting a good response. Genelia shines in a royal blue frock. Along with that photo, she added a funny caption, "I think I caught you looking at you. But did I see you looking at me?"

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