Iconic Music director AR. Rahaman's mother passed away

It is a well-known fact that how great A.R Rahaman is skilled with his musical knowledge and passion. He is a very famous music director around the World. He was also awarded an Oscar for his work for the film Slum Dog Millionaire. Currently, he is working on many of his projects. But today he had a very tiring and life-changing halt, his mother Kareena Begum left the world permanently leaving the whole industry in turmoil. He posted his mother's photo on his Twitter handle, to which Devi Sri Prasad expressed his condolences and commented "Mother you are a great personality, you gave us a music legend. The news of her demise brought the industry to the doom and gloomy atmosphere, and we are all aware of your sacrifices for the expertise of Rahaman's talent and you will always be cherished in Rahman's music."

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