I wish to act with Mohanlal in a film every year - Heroine Manchu Lakshmi!!

Mohanlal's next titled 'Monster' stars Manchu Lakshmi in an important
role. It's a mystery thriller directed by Vysakh. It's now streaming
on DisneyPlusHotstar. Revealing insights of the film in an interview
Manchu Lakshmi says...

- I played a very interesting role of Manju Durga in this film. While
acting in it I had the doubt if they would portray my role just the
way they narrated. It's because most of the characters narrated change
when it comes to implementation. Here I haven't experienced any such

- I had language related difficulties while acting in Malayalam.
They're different from the ones back in Telugu, they were lengthy. I
went to the sets energetically and they said my character should be
dull. I took a little time to get in to the mood and language.

- Mohanlal is a legendary actor. He isn't just an actor but also has
multifaceted talents. He did many experiments on screen and still
doing many challenging roles. I said I wish to do one film every year
with you, to mohanlal garu. At his age and stature it's quite common
to think about a safe play instead of doing these controversial
subjects but he's unique.

- In my opinion love has no gender, region, caste, religion
differences. Any two people can love each other. No one has a right to
dictate whom to love.

- I enjoy trolls and memes. I even try to give clues to them to make
more creative stuff. More than an actor I present myself well in TV
programmes. As of now I'm working in Gambler, Lechindi Mahila Lokam,
Agni Nakshatram and other movies.

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