Hombale to announce new film

Hombale Films, which has made a name for itself in South India as well as North India with KGF, is all set to release the film ‘Yuvaratna’ with Kannada power star Puneet Rajkumar in both Telugu and Kannada languages. Now, the latest news is that the production house is set to announce their 8th film on December 17 at 11:59 am. They shared this via their social media.  Hombale Films, which is already producing a big-budget film KJF-2, wants to complete the shooting of the film soon. Soon after the completion of KGF-2, they are again producing a big-budget film called ‘Salar’ with Tollywood actor Prabhas under the direction of Prashant Neil. India has such huge expectations for this film. Also, this production house is going to enter Telugu with the upcoming Yuvaratna movie. A song from the movie has already been released and got a good response. The Yuvaratna movie will be released soon. Homebole Films has been making a series of huge movies.

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