Hero Arvind Krishna's new movie "S.I.T" first look released!!

Arvind Krishna Rajat Raghav starrer Natasha Doshi in lead role "S.I.T...  first look release SNR Entertainments and Vizag Film Factory Banner Arvind Krishna Rajat Raghav starrer and Natasha Doshi in lead role "S.I.T.."  ( Special Investigation Team ) Directed by VBR , this film will be a new suspense thriller. Anil Rathod and Ruchita Sadineni  are playing the lead roles in this film which is being made as a screenplay highlight. They already released title poster of this movie and things are increasing the curiosity about the movie. More details will emerge from the unit of this film, which is fast-tracking the post-production activities after completing the shoot.

Actors: Arvind Krishna, Rajat Raghav, Natasha Doshi,
Kaushik Mekala, Anil Rathore, Ruchita Sadineni,
Yogi Katri, Fun Bucket Fani, Aparna Shetty, etc
Music: Varikuppala Yadagiri,
Editor; Kiran Thumpera,
Cinematography: Jagadish Bommishetty,
Fights: Robin Subbu,
Re R ecording : Vijay Kurakula
Choreography : JD
P.R.O. Sripal Cholleti
Executive Producer : A. Aravind Reddy
Co-Producers: K Chandrabalireddy, Ramesh Gunda, Narendra Vasireddy,
Producers: S Nagireddy, Tej Palli, Guntaka Srinivas Reddy.

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