Happy Birthday Maharaja Ravi Teja

Say the word mass and the first name that comes to mind is of Tollywood's mass maharaja Ravi Teja. Actor Ravi Teja, who came to the industry without any background, faced many difficulties in the initial days. He went through many ups and downs in his career. He started his journey in the industry as an assistant director. He received his first pay check as a side character for working on the Nagarjuna-produced film Ninne Pelladata. From there, Ravi Teja's career as a character artist and then as a hero has been inspiring many.

Ravi Teja has proved that hardworking and patience definitely pay off. Ravi Teja, who has made his mark in commercial films, has been able to gain fans with his typical slang. Gradually he made films that approached the masses and then Mass became Maharaja. Ravi Teja, who has become aware-of-address to entertainment, is currently happy with his career.Ravi Teja has had a blockbuster success with his latest movie Krack that released during Sankranthi. We wish Ravi Teja, who is currently starring in Khiladi, a happy birthday wishing him more success in the future.

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