Hansika adds beauty at a family function

Hansika, who entered the film in Tollywood with the film ‘Deshamuduru’, has been acting with top heroes in Telugu after that film. She also made films in Kollywood and she made a place for herself as junior Kushboo. Recently, Hansika has lost a lot of weight and looks quite fit. Though Hansika lost kilos, her beauty and glamour remain untouched. A lot at her photos on Instagram prove how classy and glamorous she is. Recently, she shared an Instagram reel from a family function. In this reel, Hansika looks angelic in a white dress and the happiness on her face add to the beauty.With her caption, Hansika mentioned that being with the family is a magical feeling. Recently, Hansika touched the 50th film milestone as heroine. Her 50th film is a crazy lady oriented story. UR Jamil is the director of this film titled 'Maha'. The shooting of the film has recently been completed.

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