Hamsa Nandini thanks fans

Actress Hamsa Nandini entered the Telugu film industry with director Vamsi’s film ‘Anumanaspadam’. Hamsa Nandini gained a lot of recognition with the film and she made her mark in the industry. After that, she worked in a number of films. Especially special songs and guest roles.
The actress celebrated her 36th birthday recently. She took to Instagram to share photos from her birthday celebration. In these photos, Hamsa Nandini looked beautiful lying in a red and white dress. She thanked everyone who wished her on her birthday.
Hansa Nandini is currently busy with item songs in Telugu and she is also very active on social media. There are many fans waiting for her beauty stills on social media. Hamsa Nandini, who danced with Prabhas in the title song of Mirchi, appeared as a bank employee in Jai Lavakusa.  After hasn’t been seen much in films since the 2018 Gopichand film Pantham.

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