Good response to Love Story teaser

Shekhar Kammula has earned huge fan following in Tollywood for making cool movies that the audience could relate to. He proved that he can make huge collections not only with big budget mass movies but also with class cool movies. Now Shekhar Kammula and Naga Chaitanya are joining hands in the upcoming movie Love Story. The movie team released the trailer for the movie on January 10. The teaser was designed as a beautiful love story between a boy coming up from zero and a girl looking for a job in Hyderabad. In this teaser, Shekhar Kammula introduces us to the two characters of Sai Pallavi and Naga Chaitanya. The love story teaser got a lot of response on YouTube. This teaser has already received 5 million views. Shekhar Kammula's previous film Fida has become a super hit and the expectations on this new film are quite high. Also, thee 'ey pilla' song that was released got a good response with 10 million views. It remains to be seen whether Shekhar Kammula, who has hit blockbuster hits with love stories, will get another super hit on his account with this film

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