God Of Masses Balakrishna's First-Ever Brand Commercial For Sai Priya Group's 116 Paramount!!

The God Of Masses Nandamuri Balakrishna is stepping into the world of advertising with his first-ever brand commercial. Balakrishna chose a brand that matches his stardom. He has turned brand ambassador and is endorsing a real estate project- 116 Paramount, a venture by Sai Priya Group. Sai Priya Group is a south India-based construction and plotting services company that is a leading builder in diverse market segments. To match the Regal range of projects they offer, they brought in Lion Nandamuri Balakrishna to endorse their brand.

Two commercial ads featuring Balakrishna have been released. While the concepts of the two ads are unique and imposing, Balakrishna shines in two different getups- be it his class appearance in suits or his traditional appearance in Kurta Pajamas. While the first ad presents Balakrishna in a royal avatar, whereas he represents a typical middle-class man in the second ad. Both are very good concepts and are attention-grabbing ones. Buying a home is a very big decision for Indians. When buying a residential house, it essentially is backed by a lot of emotions and sentiments. And the same is conveyed through the second ad. Balakrishna is so graceful and effortless in his dialogue delivery. Baby Aadhyasree Gandra appeared as Balakrishna’s daughter.

Anand Gurran has written and directed the two commercials, while cinematography was by Suresh Sarangam, and music was provided by Yashwanth Nag. Shreyas Media in association with Brand'E coordinated the commercial ads which look extravagant.

While speaking at the launching event, Executive Director Sai Krishna said, “Sai Priya Group developed various projects in the last 26 years. However, we wanted the new project in Hyderabad to be very luxurious. We didn’t advertise our brand earlier and didn’t even have a brand ambassador. We’re the sponsors of Akhanda’s titles. During that time, we discussed with team Akhanda, but they were uncertain whether Balakrishna will agree to the proposal or not. But we got a call from Balakrishna garu himself, who accepted to endorse our new venture. I met him on 17th of this month and the ad is ready by 26th. We thank team Sai Priya, team Shreyas Media, and director Anand Gurram for all the support. We’re ready to give anything since its first commercial advertisement for us and Balakrishna. Balakrishna garu is gold at heart. There’s no match for his professionalism and discipline in the whole country. While Prasad is one Legend, Balayya is another legend. The combination of the two legends is our Sai Priya project.”

Balakrishna said, “My fans wonder why I’m not doing brand endorsements, as many heroes are promoting different brands. Many even concluded that I may not endorse brands forever. Coincidentally, I made my OTT debut with Unstoppable show in Aha which is the most successful talk show in India. I did it out of my friendship with Allu Aravind. And, now I’m entering advertisement world.

I’m not a kind of a person, who takes decisions in a hurried manner. I wanted a brand to be trustworthy if I sign any. I feel proud to be the brand ambassador of Sai Priya Group. Shreyas Srinivas approached and convinced me when I was shooting for Veera Simha Reddy.

Hyderabad’s outskirts are developing rapidly. Hats off to the Telangana state government for all the development works. Hyderabad is the most happening city in the country. Regional Ring Road is also coming. It is becoming a better metropolitan city. When my house in Jubilee Hills was constructed, I had my own fears, since there were no roads back then. Now, it has become the center of the city. It was my father who gave his ideas for the design of our house.

Sai Priya created its landmark by developing over 4000 acres of land. They have 26 years of experience and have completed 36 projects. I hope they will achieve many more in the coming days.”

The event was organized in a grand manner.

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