Gavi Cinemas & Silly Monks Studios “Production No 09” movie launched.Matter and stills!!

Gavi Cinemas & Silly Monks Entertainment kickstarted Silly Monks
Studios “Production No 09” at Chinna Madaram, Nalgonda District in
Telangana. Nalgonda MLA, Sri Kancharla Bhupal Reddy & Nagarjuna Sagar
MLA, Sri Nomula Bhagat along with Nalgonda municipal Chairman Sri.
Mandadi Saidi Reddy graced the mahurat of the shooting which commenced

The movie is directed by RG Gandikota, music by Charan Arjun and
Praveen K  Bangari is the DOP with debut cast Vignesh and Arshita,
produced by Kokonda Jayachander Reddy, Sanjay Reddy and Anil Pallala.
The movie is tentatively scheduled to release in the month of November

Silly Monks Entertainment limited has a huge line of up movie and
series stories across South Indian languages.

The company motive is to nurture the stories, develop, setup the movie
and series projects, bridge between investors and the movie creator
and make movie business as a profitable venture.

Silly Monks Entertainment Ltd., Being a listed company in NSE with
over 9 years track record in movie marketing, production and sales.
From the inception of movie idea to script development, production,
marketing and sales shall be taken care by Silly Monks Entertainment
Ltd. Sanjay Reddy & Anil Pallala says that every story pick is unique
and aligned with today’s audience and there is a take away for
audience in every movie subject which may provoke positive thinking in
an audience.

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