Funny video of Samantha going viral

It is easy to notice that Samantha also cares about her style and fashion by observing her in films, not only in films but even I real life. she had recently started a fashion company called SAAKI so now Samantha using her Instagram account, posted a funny video in which she showed how girls in 2020 wanted to dress up but couldn't. This funny video is going viral on social media. For this video she was styled by Jukalker and photography by Eshan Girri. she is busy managing both the SAAKI fashion company and the Show SAM-JAM in which the first episode actor Vijay Devarakonda was the first guest and now in the next episode Megastar, Chiranjeevi will be the guest. Samantha is also going to work with actor Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara in the next upcoming film.

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