Fun and Entertaining weekends are coming as Zee Telugu premieres Family No. 1 this Sunday

Hyderabad, 01st August: Over the years, Zee Telugu has introduced viewers to some exciting non-fiction formats in its afternoon slots like Super Queen, Ladies & Gentlemen, amongst others. These properties have not only emerged as immensely popular, reality franchises, but they continue to rule the audience’s hearts and enjoy a robust following. And now, after the raging success of Super Queen season 2 and the ongoing Drama Juniors season 6, the channel is set to introduce another fresh and clutter-breaking reality show – Family No 1. Celebrating and exploring the uniqueness of every family, the reality show will pit celebrity families against each other in fun-filled yet challenging tasks every week. With 8 celebrity families coming together to provide never-ending fun and entertainment to audiences, Family No.1 cannot be missed as it premieres on 6th August and airs every Sunday at 11 am, only on Zee Telugu!

The show will be hosted by Ravi and Rohini, who will surely keep the audience engaged with their comedy timing and fun banter. However, it will be the eight celebrity families who will be coming together and participating in challenging games, that will entertain the audiences. Family No 1 will witness families of renowned celebrities and will be given a family tag or name such as comedian Dhanraj’s family, actors Siddhu and Vishnu Priya’s family, actor Sri Lalitha’s family, actor Maheshwari and family, dapper actor Hritesh’s family, actor Kaushal Manda’s family, actors Krishna Chaitanya & Mrudula’ family, and anchor Dharani Priya’s family, fighting it out to win the coveted title. We will see these families engaging in several challenging tasks every week, where they will not only face their fears, but also share with the audience some stunning revelations such as the deepest aspects of life and how it shaped them or broke them, their love stories, their bond, and much more. Each family’s strength and bond will come to the forefront through this show.

In fact, the grand launch episode will be a three-hour treat for the audience this Sunday. The exciting entry of the contestant families, a few amazing dance performances by the celebrities as well as their cute little interactions make the first episode of Family No 1 a must-watch! But what’s more is that the cast of the upcoming movie – Ustaad – movie team will also join them and make your Sunday morning even more entertaining.

Filled with hilarious banter, mesmerizing dance performances as well as some interesting surprises, the premiere episode of Family No 1 launch will definitely prove to be a feast for the audience. Watch these eight families come together and fight their way to be crowned as the Family No. 1 in this new reality show starting this Sunday!

The largest family celebration, Family No 1, will kickstart on 6th August and air every Sunday at 11 am, only on Zee Telugu!

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