Fish Byte Restaurant kickstarted with a banging launch by Union Minister, Kishan Reddy.

Union Tourism Minister Kishan Reddy was the Chief Guest at the inaugural function of Fish Byte Restaurant at Cuba Drive Inn in Film Nagar. The restaurant was launched by Jyoti Prajwal along with BJP National President OBC Morcha Dr. K Laxman and Khairatabad Ex-MLA K Ramachander Reddy.  Fishbite restaurant founder Meghansh Reddy and Co-founder Rahul Koa were also present at the venue.

Speaking on the occasion, Union Tourism Minister, Kishan Reddy said, “I am delighted to be the Chief Guest at the inauguration of this Fish Byte Restaurant in Film Nagar. My best wishes to Meghansh Reddy and Rahul Koa who want to take this restaurant forward successfully. Seafood is very good for health and the focus on health has evidently increased in our country. Everyone wants to eat good food. So this fish bite restaurant set up here is great option for a variety of healthy fish food. The Government of India undertakes all development programs related to Turiza. We are doing drills to restart air travel. The tourism sector in the country is witnessing a massive boom and the government is preparing for it."

Founder Meghansh Reddy said, "Thanks to Union Minister Kishan Reddy for accepting our request and being a part of this event. We are really happy to set up Fish Byte Restaurant at Cuba Drive Inn in Film Nagar. We offer good healthy food and everyone loves it. Eating a high protein diet these days is good for your health and sea food is high in protein. This restaurant has some very good varieties of seafood. We look forward to providing good taste as well as health to all."

Co-founder Rahul Koa said, "Special thanks to Union Minister Kishan Reddy for attending the inaugural function of this Fish Byte Restaurant and blessing this auspicious occasion. The third outlet of Fish Byte Restaurant has been set up at Film Nagar Cube Drive. The first two are running very successfully. Sea food is mainly found here. The low fat high protein food that is recommended during COVID-19 can be found in seafood and vegetables. You can find these here in excellent varieties. Everyone is certainly going to love this tasty and healthy food."

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