First Look of 'Shekar' unveiled on Dr. Rajasekhar's birthday

'Shekar' is a new project starring Angry Star Rajasekhar as the hero. Newcomer Lalith is directing it. Presented by Tammareddy Bharadwaj, it is produced by MLV Satyanarayana, Shivani, Shivathmika and Venkata Srinivas Boggaram on Lakshya Productions and Pegasus Cine Corp. Marking Rajasekhar's birthday today (February 4), the First Look of the film was released.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajasekhar, addressing those who love him and the fans he loves the most, said, "I have battled the dangerous Covid-19, which almost took me to the throes of death. It's thanks to your immense love and constant prayers that I am today here. It's because of you that I am celebrating this birthday with a new film announcement. I have only gratitude towards the unseen God and the tangible gods (referring to fans). I will always be indebted."

The producers said that 'Shekar' is Rajasekhar's 91st movie. "The first look is getting a great response. We have begun the shoot of the movie. Details of other cast and crew will be announced soon," they added

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