Film council request for 100 % seating in theatres

Theaters closed due to corona, started opening recently. A recent release' solo brathuke so better' had thundering response in theaters. With motivation from this response, films for sankrathi are lined up to be released, but government of both telugu states permitted only 50% seating in theaters. But in case of Tamilnadu, film council got permission from government for 100% seating. With this even Telugu movie council requested two states government to allow 100% seating in theaters, and released a press note in regards to this, mentioning that Tamil Nadu government issued permission for 100% seating in theaters there. Currently in AP and Telangana, due to 50% seating rule theaters management is losing its revenue by folds. Keeping these revenue loses in notice, Government must allow theaters to run at 100% seating capacity, is what producers board requesting. Further it’s awaited to see whether governments of both states approve of the same.  As Sankrathi is coming soon, government must pace up its decisions.

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