One of Indian cinema's most popular actresses, Hansika Motwani, broke
a lot of hearts when she chose to wed her friend Sohael Khaturiya on
December 4th last year at Jaipur’s Mundota Fort and Palace. Hansika
and Sohael Khaturiya's wedding was a grand affair that made headlines
across the country.
Now, for the first time ever, fans will get a glimpse of the
celebrations as Disney+ Hotstar brings to you the festivities, drama,
and excitement as it happened behind the scenes, leading up to the
dream day.
Hotstar Special show 'Hansika's Love Shaadi Drama' will showcase
everything that happened from the time the actress announced her
decision to tie the knot with Sohael, as an army of wedding planners,
designers and the families race against time to pull off a fairy tale
wedding in just six weeks, that was truly spectacular in every sense
of the word. Hansika and her family also address the scandal that
surfaced prior to her wedding, which threatened to derail her dream
Disney+ Hotstar along with Hansika have revealed the first look of the
Hotstar Specials show with the release date slated to be announced
very soon.

About Disney+ Hotstar:

Disney+ Hotstar (erstwhile Hotstar) is India’s leading streaming
platform that has changed the way Indians watch their entertainment -
from their favorite TV shows and movies to sporting extravaganzas.
With the widest range of content in India, Disney+ Hotstar offers more
than 100,000 hours of TV Shows and Movies in 8 languages and coverage
of every major global sporting event.

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