Disappointing news for Prabhas fans..!!

Disappointing news to all Prabhas fans. On the occasion of Sri Rama Navami, the team "Adipurush" wants to release the "Adipurush " poster.  Even though the team of "Adipurush" did not make any official regarding the first look earlier, they categorically gave a hint that they would come up with a poster on the occasion of Shree Rama Navami.

Prabhas fans were super excited about this and from Tuesday morning that hashtag #Adipurush was trending on top.  From the highly placed sources, until Tuesday evening the work for the first look had taken place but the last-minute hurdle stopped them. The exact reason behind this is yet to be known.

To compensate for this upset, the team Adipurush would come up with a Ram Navami wishes with the poster of old designs. All in all prabhas fans have to wait a little more while for things to settle down and an Amicable time for the first look lunch.

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