Dirty Hari is now in Aha

Aha OTT is a platform created for the Telugu audience. Aha is now successful with many movies, web series, and shows. Shows like SAM-JAM which is hosted by Samantha received a huge viewership. On December 25th the mega episode of megastar is going to release and on the occasion of Christmas Aha is going to release the premiere of the movie Dirty Hari. Recently Dirty Hari got a good response from the public. Despite the way the promo was it is a good thriller movie to watch. The movie is directed by senior produced/directed M.S Raju, Actor Shravan Reddy along with Ruhani Sharma and Simrat Kaur are acting as the lead in this film. The movie received good reviews from critics so let's see how people going to like it.

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