Directors Raj&DK requested everyone to donate funds for actor Pavala Shyamala...

[7:37 pm, 20/05/2021] Nishanth: Megastar Chiranjeevi has stepped forward to help actor Pavala Shyamala.

Famous filmmakers Raj&DK on Wednesday asked their followers to support Shyamala who is currently in financial problems.

The family man creators took to Twitter and shared a link to a fundraiser for Pavala Shyamala, saying that the actor is in " dire straits " and needs help.

We appeal to you to support a veteran Telugu actor, Pavala Shyamala. She is in dire straits, going through extreme financial difficulties, and seeking help.  we are doing our bit. We urge our friends and colleagues to contribute to support her. Thank you, thank you, they wrote. Shyamala started her acting career in Telugu cinema with the 1984 movie challenge. Over the years, she featured in supporting roles in hits like Khadgam, Andhrawala, Baba Lodge, and Golimar. The fundraiser started on Milaap. org stated that the actor has been in financial distress and she is struggling to fulfil even basic needs.

She has a daughter who is bedridden and unwell too. Her daughter is suffering from TB. To tend to her illness, she also had to sell her awards and trophies for money, it read.

The fundraiser, which aims to raise Rs 5lakh for the actor, will provide immediate financial aid to Shyamala for her survival and medical expenses. So far, the fundraiser has raised Rs 87600 for the Shyamala.

Chiranjeevi too has stepped forward to help Pavala Shyamala. He has donated Rs 1,01,500 to her, his publicist Suresh kondeti said. Chiranjeevi has also helped her to get a membership in the movies artists association from which she will be receiving a monthly pension of Rs 6,000.

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