Director Maruthi releases the teaser of Annapoorna Photo Studio!!

"Annapoorna Photo Studio" starring Chaitanya Rao and Lavanya, Mihira, Uttara, Vaiva Raghava, Lalit Aditya played other important roles. The film is produced by Yash Rangineni under the banner of Big Ben Cinemas. Directed by Chendu Muddu. The movie "Annapurna Photo Studio" is gearing up for release on 21st July. Star director Maruti has released the teaser of the film. Speaking on this occasion,

Director Maruthi said, “Chendu Muddu's working style impressed me ever since I saw the screenplay of a fictional movie. Since then he has been traveling with me. He is going to do a film in our company soon. Even the movie "Annapurna Photo Studio" was shot in a unique way without missing the nativity in the backdrop of 80's and 90's. Lavanya and Chaitanya acted promisingly. There are very few films that are made creatively and passionately. Looking at the teaser, it seems like a quality film. I wish them goodluck and success.”

Hero Chaitanya Rao said, “I am happy that the successful director Maruthi released the teaser of our film. From the teaser we can understand how our "Annapurna Photo Studio" movie is going to be. They are going to see the beauty of our movie. We shot in the beautiful locations of Konaseema, Kerala. Our film songs are already getting good response. We want the teaser to be a hit.”

Heroine Lavanya said , “Our movie songs were super hits. Hope you like the teaser too. The locations in the teaser will impress you. We will bring you the trailer soon.”

Director Chendu Muddu said , “Maruthi Garu praised us after seeing the teaser of our film. Like my previous film, this one will also see a brand new screenplay. I have screened a good story with an interesting story, beautiful locations and impressive music. Definitely different from the films that are going around now. First copy is ready. We are happy with the output. We are bringing the movie to you on July 21. It will definitely be a film that will spread a new feeling.”

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