Directed Neelakantha's new-age thriller Circle to hit the screens on July 7!!

Director Neelakantha, who is known as a designer of diverse films, made the film "Circle" after a break. The film stars Sai Ronak, Baba Bhaskar, Arshin Mehta and Richa Panai in pivotal roles. Produced by MV Sarath Chandra, T Sumalatha Annit Reddy and Venubabu Addagada under the banner of Aura Productions. The makers, today, revealed that this new-age thriller film will be released on July 7.

The movie "Circle" opens with a story woven around the life of a photographer. Director Neelakanta is going to show interestingly what the protagonist did in the dilemma of not knowing who is the enemy and who is the friend in his life. Already released songs and teasers from this film are getting a good response. The film crew is confident that the movie will also get the audience's attention.

Sai Ronak, Baba Bhaskar, Arshin Mehta, Richa Panai, Naina, Parthava Satya and others in this movie Cinematography: Ranganath Gogineni, Editor: Madhu Reddy, Music: NS Prashu, Producers: MV Sarath Chandra, T Sumalatha Anith Reddy, Venubabu Addagada, Written and Directed by: Neelakantha, PRO - GSK Media

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