Dhruva IPS returns

Dhruva is one of the most successful films in the career of Ram Charan. Director Surender Reddy has shown Ram Charan in a different look which has won several hearts. Now with Alluri Sitarama Raju, Ram Charan is going to breathe fire in RRR which is going to be one of the best characters to be portrayed by Ram Charan. If Magadheera has presented him in an altogether different look earlier, RRR will be above all the expectations in presenting Ram Charan as what we see in promos and posters is just a tip of the silent volcano.

Ram Charan recently released his work out still in his social media and this picture has gone viral which shows his toned body and he shared it with a caption "Strong Mornings. Can't start better!"

This picture of Ram Charan also has given room for apprehensions that Dhruva is making a comeback. So once RRR is completed in all probability we may see Dhruva IPS soon in action.

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