*Details of the lineup of Telugu content on ZEE5*!!

A brief outline of our key content from the line-up:

-        ATM

A heist drama by one of the most prominent production houses in the Telugu entertainment industry. The pursuit of the underdogs to claim their place in society.  We see four boys as they attempt to rob an ATM and how they manage to pull of the heist through their ingenuity. The question is will they escape uncaptured while a ruthless cop is on their trail. A fun, action-packed adrenaline-pumping watch.


1.      Created by Dil Raju and Harish Shankar

Hello World

A slice-of-life drama about 8 freshers in a tech company as they step onto the threshold of their careers and wade through ups and downs in life – breakups, first pay-checks, meeting deadlines, being more responsible. Watch them say hello to a new world and understand the difference between expectations versus reality.

Highlights –

1.      Created by Niharika Konidela, coming back after the success of Oka Chinna Family Story last year

Maa Neella Tank

Set in a small village in Nellore district, a wannabe influencer boy threatens to jump off a water tank if he is not married off to the village belle- played by Priya Anand. In comes our hero, the village cop played by Sushanth who steps in to solve the chaos only to be pulled into it begrudgingly.  The comedy love story is about how our hero finds a purpose bigger than his own petty goals.


1.      Starring Sushanth (His OTT debut) and Priya Anand

Hunting of the Stars

Hyderabad is plagued by a spate of high-profile cop murders. A dynamic cop tries to chase down a serial killer who is behind these gruesome murders.  A forensic expert helps her, but the truth behind the serial killer’s motives is even more shocking!

Highlights –

1.      Created by Kona Venkat

2.      Starring Lavanya Tripathi, Aadi Saikumar

Mission Tashaffi

An espionage drama set in India and Afghanistan as an intelligence agent launches a scheme to trap a master terrorist. Will she be able to outwit the terrorist ring and locate the bombs planted in India?

Highlights: Directed by Praveen Sattaru

Prema Vimanam

The first flight is always special when it has been your long-standing dream. We see two small village boys chase the wonder of taking their first flight in a big bad world. Their paths cross with an eloping couple which leads to a cascade of hilarious and emotional moments …


1.      Created by Abhishek Nama, Santosh Kata

2.      Music by Anup Rubens


A story against the backdrop of honour killing, where an inter-caste couple go to extreme measures to protect themselves from their family members who are out to kill them.


1.      Produced by Sushmita Konidela’s Goldbox Entertainment, running on the success of Shootout at Alair in 2019

2.      Starring Nivetha Pethuraj, Naresh Agastya, Naga Babu, Praneetha Patnaik

The Black Coat

A drama about lawyers, courthouses and innocent victims as a fresh law grad takes on a powerful, well-established lawyer in a murder case.


1.      Created by Anand Ranga

Aha Naa Pellanta

This laugh-riot is a story of a young man who has waited all his life to get married but gets jilted on his wedding day. He sets out to take revenge on the one person who was instrumental to this but ends up in a comedy of errors.


1.      Starring Raj Tharun, Shivani RajaSekhar


A passionate story involving love, murder, revenge, and prejudices set in interior Andhra Pradesh, between a power-hungry Sarpanch, a mistress, the Sarpanch’s loyal associates and a woman who is embroiled amidst all this.


1.      Starring Anjali


A political assassination drama set in 1990s in Tadipatri, Andhra Pradesh. An expert recce artist with his three associates set out to murder a powerful local politician. Will a rookie cop be able to catch them before it is too late?


Extremely rooted and raw

Currently the highest growing OTT platform in India as per latest industry reports, ZEE5 is known for its diversified content across 100+ taste clusters and its focus on real, relevant, and resonant storytelling. Today, ZEE5 is home to over 5 lakhs+ hours of on-demand content and 160+ live TV channels. With a rich library of over 3,500 films; 1,750 TV shows, 700 originals, ZEE5 offers content in 12 Indian languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, and Punjabi. The platform has an exciting line-up for 2022 that will add to its extensive library of content offering a wider array of catalogue to entertainment seekers.

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