Crazy lyrical 'Ayyo Ento' from "Kalyanam Kamaneeyam" out now!!

Young Hero Santhosh Shoban's new film "Kalyanam Kamaneeyam" is
releasing on Jan 14th as a Sankranthi Family Entertainer under UV
Concepts banner.

Kollywood actress Priya bhavani Shankar is making Tollywood debut with
this film directed by debut director Anil Kumar Aalla.

The marriage and loves song released earlier have noted beautiful
response already. As of now team has released a crazy lyrical "Ayyo
Ento Naaku" that seems like a very relatable instant trending number.

Engaging lyrics by Krishna Kanth in Sweekar Agasthi's voice with
Shravan Bharadwaj music is giving a trippy feel.

Depicting the theme of story around married Couple, this song will
soon top the musical chart.

As the album is already winning the hearts, makers are super confident
about success of this musical family entertainer from 14th Jan.

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