Corona virus in RGV Theater

Ram Gopal Varma is known as the daring and dashing director of Tollywood. RGV is known for his different style and introducing different concepts through his films. It has been some time that he has made a full-fledged film. But he does have some amazing business tactics to keep audience interested to his films. Ram Gopal Varma is probably the only director who has been very busy during this lockdown. He made about two to three films during the lockdown and released them on his own app RGV World Theater. Now, RGV is set to release his new film Corona Virus on RGV Theater. Agastya Manju directed this film and it is produced by Varma. The film is going to be released in theaters on December 11. He is also releasing the film in his RGV World Theater. Pre-bookings have begun. Also, you can download the RGV World Theater on Android, iOS, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Firestick.

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