Cinema Theatres To Reopen From July 1st In Telangana !!

From April second week theatres have closed the doors in Telangana due to the second wave. It's been almost two months and now that the trend of new cases is coming down, the theatres are likely to reopen.

In Telangana, the lock-down with restrictions is slated till June 19th. Post this, the state government is considering lifting the restrictions completely during the daytime but the night curfew would be in place for another week or probably till the month.

Accordingly, the government is planning to allow the theatres to reopen from July 1st but with just fifty per cent seating capacity. Post the first wave, the state government permitted theatres to operate with fifty per cent capacity and then in a phase wise manner, full restrictions were lifted.  However, the fifty per cent seating capacity in theatres is likely to be for another couple of months because of fear of a third wave.

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