Chiru's team has a surprise for fans

Star heroes gain strength for the love and admiration showered by their fans. If they like a hero, then fans never mind the flops delivered by the star they continue to shower love. That's why heroes also take care of their fans. There have been several incidents where, heroes, upon knowing the troubles of their fans, have come forward to help them immediately.

At the same time, stars also choose their projects based on whether or not their fans would like the subject. Keeping the eager fans in mind, stars and moviemakers keep updating fans about the progress, release date, and release posters, looks and from time to time. It also works for their promotions. Now, we all know that Megastar Chiranjeevi and director Koratala Shiva are joining hands for the upcoming movie 'Acharya'.

Fans' expectations from the film have skyrocketed ever since their combination was announced. Since then the movie team has been getting closer to the audience with regular updates from the sts and the progress. Everyone was thrilled when the news came that Ram Charan was playing the lead role in the middle. Charan then announced the name of the character.

His character was later revealed. Recently, a photo of Chiru and Charan together was shared on Netflix. Now the news that the film team will be giving an update on Ram Charan has spread very fast. Fans are also putting pressure on the team to give an update. There's talk that movie team will give a surprise soon.

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