Catherine challenges Siddharth, Arya and Atharva Murali

Catherine challenges Siddharth, Arya and Atharva Murali Actress Catherine, who has gained huge fan following by playing different characters in Telugu cinema, has now joined the Green India Challenge by planting a few saplings at her home. The challenge was initiated by Rajya Sabha member Joginapalli Santosh Kumar who expressed his love for the environment by planting trees and encouraging celebrities to take part in the cause. Now Catherine has joined the list of celebs taking part in the challenge. MP Santosh started the campaign to protect the environment. Posting pictures of her plants, Catherine applauded MP Santosh for starting the Green India Challenge. Catherine expressed that as the world becomes modern, many forests are being cut down and it is important for us to be very careful. Further, Catherine challenged her friends and fans to take up the challenge. She nominated Tamil actors Siddharth, Arya and Atharva Murali to take part in the Green India Challenge.

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